Saturday, July 26, 2014


Sorry for the late post today, guys. I spent the morning picking raspberries!


Anonymous said...

Awesome as usual. I just woke up here in California. Not late at all. :)

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Yeah right, Koba, if that's what you want to call it. LMAO.. hope you picked some nice Big juicy ones!!

#1) Oh my, that young man Is giving us the "Raspberry"..LOL.. but I'll forgive him, for he has nice hairy legs hanging over that bed.

#2)"Get out of here, I'm not into dudes".

#3) Sweet, nice "treasure trail", that leads to a hairy bush and veiny cock:)

#4) I'm am a pit man, but I'm looking at this dudes nice loose balls:)

#5) MY PIC OF THE DAY..Woof, Woof, one for the Lab, and one for that handsome young man. Now that is a nice hairy pit, and love his hairy chest and like his tat..Oh and those nice sniff little nips. F--k, the whole pic is so masculine:):):):):):)

#6) Boys making nice, and then maybe going to "play".


#8 Oh my, this Viking is hanging to the Left:):)

#9 He's got the look that sends me. Bald on top, hairy every place else:):) Love those legs

#10) With a dong like that, you going to get your whole daily requirements of protein in one shot:)

Nice Sat post Koba, now since you picked raspberries this morning, go find a nice chocolate covered Banana to chow down on this afternoon.

Rick Jeans said...

Raspberries ??? Send some my way. Lucky you as they are so expensive.
Oh and nice post today!

Anonymous said...

Before I vote for Cock of the Block contest, I had to start my morning off right. With a nice cup of hot coffee, and pic#5. Yes I commented on it yesterday, and again today.

Very cute young man and his dog:):)

Thanks again Koba

harry said...

Did those raspberries get made into jam or pie or both?

Anonymous said...

Yes Koba, How did you eat your Rasberries??? Some people, like myself like a little light cream on them. So sweet