Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ass Wednesday!











Rick Jeans said...

4 5 6 are hot!
Also love the first 3 tourist ass

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Koba, you might have outdid yourself this Wednesday: AWESOME ASSES:)

1) OH Boy, I'd love to be on that tropical island and see that full moon in broad daylight walking by in all it's glory:)

#2) Dudes enlarge the pic, you in for a treat. Spectacular view, oh and the naked men with the great ass and legs isn't bad either:):)

#3) I don't what he's staring at, but I know what I'm staring at. His Full Hairy Rump Roast ass is a Beauty. Could I be so bold as to ask him to sit on my face after he's all hot and sweaty:):):)

#4) That young man doesn't mind showing his "pucker".

#5) In a heartbeat dude, in a heartbeat, great ass and a beautiful "medium thickie".

#6) F--K, easy ASSCESS to the hairy hole, plumb balls and a nice piece of meat.

#7) OH my goodness, am I looking at two hairy beefy butts, one full moon, the other half? Either way, I would sniff both of them:):):)

#8) Oh yeah, he wants you to inspect that nice TIGHT little "pucker" power.

#9) Now there's a man that appreciates a good meal when it's in front of him.

Thanks Koba

Stan said...

some fine ass right here. Thanks Koba!