Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weekend Warriors!


Queer Heaven said...

mmmm! I will spread my cheeks for that guy in #2

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

#1) He might not look happy taking his bath, but his cock has other "ideas". LMAO

#2) Oh yes let me at those hairy pits, and then I'll take care of your cock.

#3) Lucky Bastard, and he know's it.

#4) young men, go take showers, and leave me your dirty jocks, I'll take care of them.

#5) Oh my, Studious bad boy, with nice everything.

#6) Hey looks like their having fum, so why not.

#7) Who's behind those Foster Grants.

#8) Holy Cock Ring.. I'm in the mood for a chocolate covered Banana:)

#9) LMAO.. Hey Red Popeye, come over to my house. You can drink your beer, and I'll take care of your great looking package.

#10) "OK, I made this mess, now what should I do with it".

Thanks Koba.

Stan said...

#8 looks very interesting!!