Monday, July 14, 2014

Back to the grind...

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Scott said...

#1) Oh yeah the boys will be hitting the showers today after their workouts. It's very humid out, so that means MUSKY MEN SMELLS:):)

#2) I could be wrong, but I think this dude wants head on his coffee break. LMAO

#3) OH my someone wants head, and they want it right now!!!!

#4) That a boy, crank that nut out. Hey it's Summer, you out in the woods, why the f--k not.

#5) I would in a heartbeat, get in between those hairy legs, and take care of that cock and nice balls.

#6) I certainly could go for a nice big chocolate covered banana, with a gooey surprise at the end.

#7) I want to shower with all of them, after their workout.

#8) OH my, he wouldn't have to wait for long, if I was at the GH.

#9) Nice, men taking care of each other on their lunch break.

#10) Now, that's what I call a real Summer's treat.

Thanks Koba