Saturday, January 14, 2017



Damien said...

I'll take the guys in pic #3 please Sir.

George said...

OH, how I envy the guy drinking from the tap in #3!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow great Weekenders here Koba!!

#1)That is one beautiful cock, and look at the size of those feet..SWEET:):)

#2) Ah, isn't that sweet, maybe love? who knows:):)

#3) Now that's some water fountain:):)

#4) Stock answer here: "Oh yeah, on a hot humid hazy day in August, I would bury my nose in those deep dark funky pits":) Yummy

#5) F--k, this Cowboy is giving me a boner.. Woof.. What a handsome dude and a beautiful male body:):) I'll keep coming back to this hot looking dude.

#6) Sweet Mercy, that is one lucky "cocksucker", bon appetite:)

#7) Oh my, Officers, I have been a bad boy, you should "take me in":)

#8) Sweet stiff nips, and that is one hot looking cock and balls on this handsome dude:)

#9) Buddy your wasting time, if he has his stiff cock out, and your on your knees... GET ON IT, AND ENJOY YOUR MEAL:)

#10) It's settled, I'm having a sweet chocolate eclair, to go with my coffee in the morning. What a tasty treat:)

Thanks Koba