Saturday, January 7, 2017


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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow Wonderful Weekenders here Koba! This post will definitely warm me up, parts of Massaschusetts got over 18 inches of snow today, here in Central Mass about 6-8"!!!

#1) Love the hairy thick calf muscles on this dude, really great strong legs and thick men feet:)

#2) Can I join you on that comfy couch?:)

#3) Rub a dub dub, I love to join him in that tub:) What a hairy cutie:)

#4) Wouldn't mind one bit, being on that deck, and helping this handsome dude, with that raging boner:)

#5) Just what I needed on this cold Winter's night.. A warm funky hairy pit pic:) Koba, your to nice to me:):):)

#6) Looking good buddy boy, those are some nice arms:) Oh, and the cock isn't to shabby either..LOL

#7) I want to join that lucky cocksucker and share with him. Oh well looks like no cock for me tonight, might as well make another cup of Hot Chocolate, and enjoy my Christmas lights.. Yup still have everything up.. I leave them up till "Little Christmas" is over, and that was yesterday!!! Tomorrow I will start taking things done.. After I shovel:(

#8) Wow, what a nice slab of beef:)

#9) PLEASE, PLEASE come over for a cup of hot chocolate!! I promise I will take care of your manly needs:) Great body dude, love those man legs:)

#10) Perky nips, awesome "treasure trail" and that is some nice sweet nectar of the gods being wasted on the floor:(

Thanks Koba