Friday, January 20, 2017

Thank God it's Friday!


Percy said...

Too bad that all that cum on #10's face did not go into his mouth. I bet the stud who produced that load made this guy feel wonderfully pussy

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great TGIF posting Koba!

#1) I'd never refuse an open invitation like that for some good clean "fun":)

#2) Ahhh, the boys always love to see me in the locker room. Just let's say it's an open mouth invitation:)

#3) Wow, someone is enjoying a fine piece of dark meat:):)

#4) OH you silly cutie, you can flex your bi's for me anytime:):) You big ham you:):) Woof

#5) Oh yeah, I wine you, dine you, and 69 with you:):)

#6) It would be a pleasure to join this fun loving beefy boys:)

#7) I'd sniff this sweaty hairy jock from head to toe:)

#8) Dark and mysterious with a fantastic uncut hanging piece of meat:)

#9) OMG.. I didn't have to enlarge the pic to see this hairy beefy lad, but I did, and that is one of the finest tummy fur and bush I have seen:) And that looks like one fine rump roast he laying on:)

#10) Did he just crack open a coconut and drink the milk, or DID he just get blasted with a huge glob of man-goo...SWEET...:)

Thanks Koba