Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tuesday Ramifications...


Anonymous said...

If all men were as beautiful as the ones whose pix you kindly share on this blog...I'd never get a damn thing done. Just walking down the street would be too too distracting....

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Tuesday Ramifications post Koba!

#1) OH yes, the "plowing" must be done, one way or the other:)

#2) Hell ya, let the sunshine on that beauty:)

#3) Yup, these heavenly sights definitely can be seen in the locker room:)

#4) That sprinkler system is working very well!

#5) A clean cock, for the jock:)

#6) Something very funky in the air... AHHH, I love it:)

#7) Woof.. I do like me a beefy dude. Those big arms, those beautiful buttocks and man what strong legs:) Love to massage him from head to toe after his workout:)

#8) Your doing fine, guide him into the room slowly by the hand. Be gentle, show him how to make love to a man AND he will keep coming back:)

#9) Love to watch these fury legs and butts do the nasty:):)

#10) Yup, that's exactly my "nutting face". OHHHHHHHHH sooooo good:):)

Thanks Koba