Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy Hump Day!

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

Great Hump Day posting Koba!

#1) Boys love their toys":)

#2) Showoff..LOL.. Hey why not, when you have, you have it:)

#3) Just Beautiful:):):):):)

#4) Nectar of the gods:)

#5) Find this pic so sexy, always have..

#6) Ah, a beauty indeed, a uncut "medium thickie" with FAT balls:)

#7) It's settled, I'm have a sweet chocolate eclair with my hot cup of coffee tomorrow morning:)

#8) LMAO.. I'm not a huge fun of taking it up the "poop chute", and I think that's what my face looks like when someone enters, my tight pucker:( ( but If a top is patient, and I have "feelings" for him), things go much smoother and I like it:)

#9) I know it's not him, but he reminds me of the actor who plays the father on "The Real O'Neil's", not only is his handsome, but just funny and hard not to like. What a great body this dude has:) Woof

#10) Someone just "nutted" and made a gooey mess, now it's time to find the "cum rag":):)

Thanks Koba