Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday Ramifications!


Axiom2001 said...

Gosh damn! There's a lot of 'HEAT' emanating from all ten of these
very enticing and highly stimulating photos on this "Tuesday's Ramifications!"

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, great Tuesday Ramifications posting Koba!

#1) Oh my, someone's fine furry "pucker" is about to get "buttered"!!:)

#2) Wow, now that's the kind of bathing beauties I like to spot when I'm on vacation.

#3) Quick anonymous BJ's, man I love to give them and receive them:)

#4) Sweet, the bottom has time to give us a nice look, while he has that thick piece of meat, right up his man-hole:):)

#5) LOL...In sales, you always have to keep the customer happy!!:):

#6) This happy with the long dong in those nice sweats, keep in great shape:)

#7) Woof, what a hunky hairy bottom.. He's taken that nice cock, very well indeed:)

#8) That a boy young man, be proud of you victory and those fine muscles:)

#9) Man, would I love to be there watching, that tattooed top, plugging that bottom:)

#10) OH my goodness, when sleeping beauty gets kissed and wakes up, he's going to have a sticky mess to clean up. Heck let me kiss him and clean him up at the same time:):)

Thanks Koba