Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday Ramifications

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Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Very hot Tuesday Ramifications posting Koba!

#1) OH yeah, give that young man the ride of his life:)

#2) Red hot Ginger, taking the Snap:)

#3) MY, MY, big armed dude, seems very happy to be tied "up":)

#4) Oh my, this poor dude, had no say, in making this batch of "boy butter":)

#5) These two bulls we be hungry after this "romp" in the kitchen:)

#6) Love to try to tongue that top's hole, and lick his fat balls, as he rams that bottom:)

#7) Prince Albert is getting a royal f--king:)

#8) Well his buddy found a partner in crime, now he has to do the same:)

#9) Hell ya, I would also love to be on that bed, jerking my cock, watching this scene go down:)

#10) That facial should last a whole week:)

Thanks Koba