Saturday, January 14, 2017

Foot fetish!

For my good buddy Scott and all you other dudes out there who get off on feet!


Axiom2001 said...

I'm not really into feet but could succumb to makin' lots of love and affection to the men in photos #'d 1--2--3--4--and--6! They're hot and are makin' me mighty horny and up to service!

Anonymous said...

OMG #4, please take me to your lair and ravish me

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow-Wee, glad I checked in between watching football (The Patriots playing the Houston Texans in the playoffs.

Koba you got me down to a tee or should I say toe:):) I do like me some man feet, and I'll tell ya buddy, most men have never had their toes sucked on, (well lets say most "straight men") they go Bonkers.. Don't know when I actually acquired this fetish, but I'm going to keep enjoying.

#1) OH relaxed young man, let me put a smile on your face, and I don't mean by sucking your cock, nope, I'll suck and lick all ten toes:):)

#2) Woof, handsome, need a massage, from head to toe? And yes, I will pay special attention to those hot looking feet of yours:)

#3) Now that's a foot lover...I bet the receiver is loving it:):)

#4) Yup that foot isn't going anywhere, with those two hands holding it it place. I do the same thing, I use two hands, BECAUSE, sometimes the dude is squirming so much, he tires to pull it away.. IT's called shock and awe.. I don't think to many of their gf's or wifes do it:(

#5) Oh buddy put the cap on your head, I want to do both of your sweet feet:)

#6) LOL.. but true.. the feet and toes, have very strong nerve endings... It's a treat indeed:)

I owe you Koba:) Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Fuck YEAH!

Anonymous said...

Damn I'd suck on #2's toes for hours

Anonymous said...

Heck, if someone took my cock deep like that, my toes would be wiggling to.