Monday, January 2, 2017

Back to the grind... or statutory holiday...


Axiom2001 said...

On Day 2 of the new year, I'd like to feast on that "trouser snake" of

...ravage that "huge bone" extending from the opening of those tight trousers of #3

#4 "Ah, Rafael-- I truly hope to be with you one of these nights!

#6 "Yeah, Otter man--" I could overdose...!

#7 I wanna be the 3rd tongue in opened mouths!

#9 "Damn, I'd like to part of you two!"

#10 I'll; be brave and lick your handsome face clean from this volume of "love juice!"

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, great statutory holiday posting Koba!

#1) Oh yeah, might long python slithering down those tight pants:)

#2) Well if these nicely dressed business men had to work today, they certainly knew how to take a nice coffee break:)

#3) I'd love to share a cup of coffee, with this warm dude in his apt:)

#4) Loving those "big guns":):)

#5) Just an awesome masculine sighting!!! I would suck, sniff, and lick:)

#6) Oh my, great arms, chest, and beautiful tummy fur:)

#7) I love tasting and smelling a new partner that attracts me:)

#8) That hot "ginger snap" is getting some fine head:)

#9) That young man, will work his way up the company ladder very fast:)

#10) OH my goodness, someones licked some frosting off the holiday cock:)

Thanks Koba