Friday, January 27, 2017

Thank God it's Friday!

Hi guys, just a heads up that I won't be posting tomorrow or Sunday. Heading out of town for the weekend and taking a short little break. Enjoy the archive!


Damien said...

An exceptional offering - especially the last one :)

AL said...

I'm squatting on #8 while #10 pisses in my mouth. OMG I DO love being a queer!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

That a boy Koba, enjoy your getaway, you deserve it, you work hard buddy, and give us great posts day after day.

Great TGIF posting Koba!

#1) I don't mind one bit, when a dude sports a boner in the gym showers. If discreetly done, you can rub one out with a buddy. Just remember in the gym showers NOT everyone is "boner friendly":(

#2) Oh my, It looks like something has got the attention of this young man in the locker room.

#3) Yup, I love smelling the taint to (the area right below the balls and close to the ass) So manly:)

#4) Wow, what beautiful tummy fur, that leads down to a very thick full dark bush:):)

#5) Personally Koba, you could show this pic everyday, and I would love it. Hot men with hot pits:)

#6) " Excuse me, um, ah, when I said could you lend me a helping hand, this is not exactly what I meant".... LOL... isn't he just a little cutie:)

#7) Hopefully, that is an open invitation, and I want to go in:)

#8) Wow, wonderful piece of thick meat, and I'm very hungry:)

#9) Wow, I hope I see this kind of "pythons" in the waters when I go swimming this summer. That is one great foot-long:)

#10) Now that is one way, to wash the sticky man-goo off your face:)

Thanks Koba