Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thursday Hotness!


Anonymous said...

#3: Are they giving me a choice? I can't have both?

Fit Studs said...

These got me UP!!! Thanks for that Sololiquee, haha. :D

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow Thursday Hotness is right Koba!

#1) Oh, yeah, I think someone is going to see something Nice:)

#2) Oh my, something very Nice indeed:)

#3) Hell ya, spread them young men, I'm going to look, heck I'm only human after all. Those are two fine tushy's:):)

#4) All kinds of "watersports" being played that day:)

#5) Woof, I could think of a few hairy places I would like to lick on this Wolfy dude:)

#6) Ok, it's cold here in New England tonight, I just pulled the covers back, so you could come in and join me, to keep me warm of course. NOTHING MORE:):):):):)

#7) Sitting Beauty, I could look at you all day and night:)

#8) I thought Christmas was over? "Happy New Year":):)

#9) Oh yes indeed, young man, you are indeed the proud owner of a thick piece of man-meat:)

#10) Oh my, I think he's going to pull out a "sugar plumb":)

#11) Someone's being "whitewashed":)

Thanks Koba