Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday Ramifications!


Damien said...

I do so love a good Urinal setting.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific Tuesday Ramifications post Koba!

#1) Oh yeah, that bottom, is enjoying that dark meat right up his "pink pucker":)

#2) Yup, like a true "cocksucker" he doesn't care who is watching:)

#3) Oh young man, you know how to get this older gent going, with those fine pits:)

#4) Hell everybody "up" when they see cock being sucked:)

#5) Oh my, plenty of fine meat at the urinals:) I have a funny feeling there might be some "hanky panky" going on while they try to take their licks I mean leakes:)

#6) Spread those legs, hold on tight, and let that hot top do his job.. SWEET:)

#7) Oh my goodness, this poor dude, is getting his cock tugged and his hole plugged, with no say in the matter:):(...LOL...

#8) Yup put a finger up his "pucker" to open it up, and then his hole is all yours. That cock is mighty fine looking to:)

#9) That's the ticket.. I could literally watch this little gem all night.. Love watching a top going a mile a minute, and hear his balls (and those are some nice balls), make that special noise as they hit the bottoms buttocks:):):):)

#10) Wow, NOW THAT's a nice big gooey man-mess:)

Thanks Koba

Frank said...

That randy fuck in #6 and that huge cum load in #10 show vividly what happened to me the night before last in the cab of an 18-wheeler. He fucked my tight ass-pussy raw. What a trucker! What a trip! (At a stop on I-79)