Saturday, October 4, 2014

Weekend Warriors!


Fit studs said...

Hot pictures of guys, just hot!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

#1) I find this dude very manly and sexy. Nice body, hairy in all the right places, and a nice piece of uncut cock:) Really like his tat work to.

#2) UM, I think he looks the smell of that jock:):)

#3) OH my, someone's been a bad boy(:

#4) Oh my goodness gracious, this dude doesn't have a chance in hell, to escape.. Yikes...

#5) LMAO.. Oh yes, were going to have some HOT DOGS tonight:):)

#6) I say "GO FOR IT"..:):)

#7) these alpha males, are most likely not even interested in the sweaty smells, hand positions, or their after workout showers together. But I am, and that's what they need me for, I be their Bitch:):)

#8 Fu-k, let me at this Jungle Jim, beefy, hairy body, with nips I like to nibble on:):) look at those nice big thighs!! nice tat work.

#9) Like Elton John would say: "Saturday night's all right": Yes indeed, for SUCKING COCK:)

#10) That's the plan for me tonight, get a shot of a dudes nut into my mouth:) Good to the last drop..

Thanks Koba..Have a great Saturday

uncle barry said...

#2 let him smell that jock strap while I smell and eat his ass ;-P
#5 "My first name is OSCAR my second name is MAYER" DON'T BURN THAT WIENIE :-)

Anonymous said...

uncle barry your a bad boy, but very funny, my kind of guy.

uncle barry said...

If you only knew ;-)