Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Humpday Humdingers!

Hey guys! I apologize, but there will be no If, Ands, or Butts contest this week. Being away for a bit and having our friend visit last week took away from the time I usually spend scouring the Internet for images that I hope will tickle your fancy. Hence, my low supply of man butt this week. Things should be back to normal next Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Koba, glad you enjoyed the visit with your buddy.

#1) Nice, looks like a very athletic butt to me:)

#2) Love his nips, and that nice "treasure trail", and that fine piece of uncut meat:)

#3) Man, wish I had that kind of body.. nice "pocket pouch" to:)

#4) I love to get my mouth on some fine chocolate candy treat today:)

#5) OMG, I hope this 4-some come to my door on Halloween night:):):):)

#6) Can I rub your hairy chest dude, and while I'm there, I'll take care of that "problem" you seem to be having with your cock:)

#7) Love, Love, Gh's, especially when something like that beauty comes thru:)

#8) Like the little set up these young lads have going, to have some man to man fun:) Boys will be Boys:):)

#9) LMAO.. he got so excited taking that cum, that he pissed himself:)

#10) Hell ya, when you have a hairy ass like that in front of you, you touch it, kiss it, rub it, and YES, you go in deep with your TONGUE:):)

Thanks Koba

Stan said...

No problem Koba. Some hot pics right here. Enjoy your visitor and the week ahead.

EDB said...

Photo # 5
Man love to invite you guys over my place and have one hell of a orgy as you guys have some great looking equipment