Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday Ramifications!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

So Koba did you get "stuffed" yesterday?? LOL, hope you had a great Thanksgiving..

#1) Now that's was a quick buttering of the buns:) What a nice sight!!

#2) Boys checking their balls, to see if they can withstand the cold stream water:)

#3) Nice, army buddies helping each other out:) One like to give the other receive:)

#4) Now that is one HAIRY FUCK:)

#5) By the judge of that curved boner, that dude is enjoying that ride:)

#6) Hey, whatever position, it takes to get it in:)

#7) Go for it bro, the big armed handsome dude wants it:)

#8) By golly, I think he reached this dudes hairy "pucker"

#9) While these dudes engage in the "hobby horse" ride, I love to get on their fat balls:)

#10) Mr. Leather, makes a "connection" with Mr. Jock.. SWEET

Thanks Koba

uncle barry said...

#7 "Now your sure if I do this it doesn't mean I'm Gay?" ;-)

Ray's Cowboy said...

Very HOT scenes here. Koba is that me doing you in the last picture???