Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday Hotness!


Stan said...

The last one #10 the officer needs to join me with #4.

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

#1) Holy Upside down cock, hey I guess anyhow you get the meat in your mouth is Great:)

#2) Man, this dude turns me on, very macho..from the beard, pits, tats, his great physical shape, well EVERYTHING:)

#3) Sporting buddies sporing bulges:)

#4) Hey, hunky dude,with that nice hairy chest, furry tummy, and beautiful "treasure trai", if you let me in that hot tub with you, I'll suck a nut out of you:)

#5) Hell ya, Thursday Night Football tonight, and I always manage to get a "straightie" over here to suck a nut out of him:)

#6) Good Clean fun:)

#7) Oh my Mr. Jamesson, those balls of yours are looking mighty inviting:)

#8) I do LOVE me a nice musky hairy hole, to sink my tongue in:)

#9) I"m due for a new "toy", I have to get my tight "pucker" to open up more. STAN any suggestion?..LOL.. Love you bro:)

#10) UM, ah, UMMMM, officer could I do anything and I do mean anything to HELP you out:)

Thanks Koba, a hot Thursday indeed:) Have a great day.

uncle barry said...

#1 What a HOT 69
#5 Can u say PIGSKIN?
#9 Knows the expression MULTI-TASKING ;-)
#10 IF he needs to hide the evidence My Ass is available

Anonymous said...

I love when uncle barry is a BAD BOY!!! Refer to his comment about #10.

uncle barry said...

Send me a picture of you and we'll what we can do?