Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Hotness!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, Thursday Hotness is steamy indeed, Great pics Koba.

Also the weather in New England for this time of year is so unusual.. humid and in the 70's with showers!!

#1) While he's doing his thing, I love to take care of his thick slab of uncut beef:)

#2) Now that, boys and boys is a dude that has a liking for a dudes balls. I am so with him:):) that is a fine set indeed.

#3) Look at that nice crop of hair on his head, his chest:) and nice bush:)

#4) Mercy me, that lucking Bastard has Wagner right where he wants him. Legs up and his "pucker" to be licked:)

#5) F--k ya, when I have cock in my mouth I'm always sporting a Boner:) Cock in my mouth makes a very Happy "little scottie"!!

#6) AH, Gentle Ben, I have never seen you in a photo that I didn't like:):) I thinks it's a combination of your sexiness, plus being such a great guy. Oh yeah "gay eyes for the straight dude":)

#7) Woof, Woof, big, beefy,and hairy gets me every time. Then show me a pit, and I'm a goner:)

#8) Nice, buddy I would go ga-ga, over that bicep of yours, and love that nip:)

#9) OH my, Prince Albert is going to get a nice BJ:)

#10) What a cutie, that just got man-gooed on:)

Thanks Koba

Ray's Cowboy said...

WOOF ON All Of These HOT Pictures. I Love The JIF Of The Guy Sucking On The Balls. I Love The PA Guy. Really I Love All Of These.
Koba You Have Out Done Yourself Today.


robbbyX said...

Hi Koba,
love your blog and read it since about 2 years.
Please forgive my bad english writing.
I know the guys (with the prince albert in his mouth) sexy/kiny website.
he lives on the beautiful Island of Mallora (Spain/Europe).