Friday, October 31, 2014

Thank God it's Friday!


Koba said...

Well, I didn't do anything, but the word verification thing now appears to be gone. Happy Friday everyone!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Happy Halloween Koba, hope you get lots of tricks and treats:)

#1) F--ck I love gang showers:) That dude is washing his pucker pretty well:)

#2) Oh my straight tatooed dude has had a few beers and now is horny, MY time to move in for the kill:)

#3) Just a very beautiful manly sight:)

#4) Ah, this dude is having a liquard lunch:)

#5) Lucky Bastard, that is a fine piece of man-meat attached between those hairy legs:)

#6) Hell, you can strike a pose if you want, What I want is to suck your cock:)

#7) Oh my, can't ignore tall tale signs like that, the boys will be "playing" soon, ah very soon:)

#8) Hey handsome nice piece of uncut meat between those legs of yours:)

#9) Nice chest and tummy on this dude, and what a Beautiful sweet droplet of nectar:)

#10) Oh hell ha, I have my Halloween night all planned, I'll be sucking cock and getting the treats from a few dudes tonight. Nice GIF, to put me in the mood:)

Thanks Koba

Mark Greene said...

All are squirt worthy. nice post.

The Male Casting Couch

Stan said...

wish I was in that bed in the 2nd pic waiting for that stud to plow the hell out of me.