Thursday, October 23, 2014

And the winner is...

... with 4 votes in total, this week's winner is Ass No. 4! Ass No. 2 claims second place with 3 votes, and third place is a tie between Ass No. 8 and Ass No. 9, each receiving 2 votes. This week's Koba's Choice Award goes to our overall winner, Ass No. 4 (what a beaut)! Congrats to the winner and many thanks to all those who participated!

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Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Now that's a Beauty of a Bum to Beholed or Beheld, or use as a warm pillow, or tongued.. ah, um, I better stop now.

Man, I wish I could have that warm hairy plump butt next to me on this raw, windy, rainy day in New England(:

Indeed it's a Beauty:):)

Thanks Koba