Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday dudes!

Hi guys! Got back later than I thought I would yesterday and didn't have time to do a post. Sorry about that! A friend is visiting and we took a long weekend and went to Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island. Things will be a little irregular this week as I try to get back up to speed. Please bear with me and enjoy the show! Sorry for the couple of doubles that I posted last Friday! Sheesh. I've got to get in and delete some files!  



Anonymous said...

Mate, no need to apologize - you already do so much for the horny community that we're eternally grateful anyway ;-)

Stan said...

Don't worry about reposts as some are nice to see again anyway.
Love that #7.

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Koba glad you had a great long weekend with your buddy.

Don't you worry your pretty little head off about showing us the same pics, as I agree with the other guys, you do a great job, and many are great to look at again, and again, and again:):):)

#1) Oh my, something is about to enter some nice dark warm tight man-pussy:)

#2) Oh yes, came out of it's shell to take a piss, um, ah, do spew some sticky stuff:)

#3) F--k you could show that "cocksucker" this "cocksucker" everyday of the week, and I would love it:):)

#4) OH yes, never get tired of seeing a dude picking up the male musky scent:)

#5) Rub a dub, I want to join that dude in that tub:)

#6) Ah, dude, let to lick of that sweetness from you fingers:):)

#7) Hell that's the ticket:) show this thick beefy Bear any time you want Koba. You'll never get any complaints from me:):)

#8) OH my goodness, this dude doesn't have a chance in hell to escape those probing fingers.

#9) I think he found something he likes in the fridge:)

#10) A good "cocksucker" like this dude, will always appreciate a nice warm facial:)

Thanks Koba