Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Tuesday ramifications


bignate said...

Oh, daddy! #1!

Hot guys said...

Wow, Koba. Nice choices. The first one's handsome, even though he's blond lol. And that bro on the subway or whatever, public transport... Naughty!! ^.^

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific Tuesday Ramifications here Koba!!

#1) Hey Big boy, turn around, get back into your cozy bed with that boner, I'll be right behind to take care of you:)

#2) I'd love to be there, just to watch this masculine hairy f--k taking place. This pic ALWAYS gets me HARD!!!

#3) After you coffee, meet me at the gym, we will work out, then hit the showers. That is one heck of a mushroom capped head!! Mercy me.

#4) Love to be across from him, and just enjoy the view!! If he looks up though, I'm turning around fast. Don't want to rattle this big boy's cage!!

#5) OHhhhhh, muscled cutie, after you check the dip-stick, let me check yours.

#6) By the reaction of the crowd, a foul is taking place. Um, as far as I'm concerned I'd love to see both of you in the showers later and I'll show you some foul action.

#7) Holy tight spot Batman, How's he going to get out of that??? Sweet

#8) Oh now I see how he got into that predicament. One very nice cock going into a beautiful hairy hole.

#9) Yes indeed, plenty of room, for my tongue to follow you "treasure trail" down to your golden "nuggets"!!

#10) Oh buddy boy, I would have loved to been on my back under your cock, catching that sticky mess you made. Sweet!!

Thanks Koba!!

Koba said...

Thanks, guys!Stay horny!