Saturday, March 21, 2020

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Scott from Massachusetts said...

WOW!! Wonderful Weekenders her Koba!!!

#1) Rub a dub dub, two lovers in the tub!! Enjoy boys and have a glass of wine on me:)!!

#2) Wow, things are definitely looking up for this handsome muscled man. Could be the nice weather, or he sees a cocksucker in the distance and he's NEXT!!:)

#3) AH, a true cocksucker, eye's closed and his lips perched. He'll stay on the job till he gets a mouthful:)

#4) Woof!! I could and probably will later, jack off to this pic. Masculinity at it's finest. Awesome pits AND MORE!! Yummy indeed.

#5) Hey jock, after the game, I'll show you what my tongue can do:)

#6) Penny for your thoughts handsome. I hope I'm not being so bold. But could I suck you off, while your in deep thought. Promise I'll leave as soon as "YOUR" done.

#7) Oh my goodness, imagine getting a taste of your own cock and having someone else on it to. Wow!!!

#8) UM, AHHH, UM, if you promise you won't shove one of those toys up my tight ass, I'll come and take care of that fine body of yours big boy.

#9) I just want to eat this cutie up:) Yummy!!

#10) Someone just made some sweet nectar, and now we all know what's about to happen. THE NOT SO SWEET GOO!!!

Thanks Koba!!