Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Tuesday Ramifications


bignate said...

The guy in #5 is facing quite a challenge

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Terrific Tuesday Ramifications here today Koba!!

#1) "High rises" everywhere!! Very nice legs young man.

#2) Between his "button" being poked, and his pits, getting the royal treatment, this eager bottom is going to shoot his wad very soon.

#3) My, my, someone likes his "pucker" being probed!!

#4) Wow, daddy long legs with a long dong:)

#5) Lucky bastard. That's what I need right now, a THICK piece of dark chocolate:) YUMMY!!!

#6) F--k, what do you think I'm going to say. Man would I love to nibble on his nips, while I rub my hand over his big powerful chest. Those eyes, those eyes, those eyes, just with that look, I'd probably have my legs spread for him, and I don't spread my legs for every Tom, Dick, and Harry!!

#7) I like to sink a couple of balls with a round of pool, with this handsome man.

#8) Oh cutie pie, you don't have to POINT to your PECKER, we can see that slab of beef PERFECTLY!!:)

#9) F-ck I'm "hung" ry, and that mammoth cock would definitely fill me up. WOW!!

#10) SWEET, this young man just had one hell of a HJ!!! He won't be able to relax, till all his goo is out!!

Thanks Koba

Hot guys said...

Not usually a fan of B&W photos but that 1st one's not so bad, lol :D