Thursday, March 19, 2020

Thursday Hotness!


Hot guys said...

3rd pic Koba... WINS 100%! ^.^

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Thursday Hotness is right Koba!!

Though it's a raw rainy day here in Ma, these pics will remind me of warmer days ahead, hot men, and sucking cock, for sure!!

#1) Now that'a a man bush. Love to get my tongue around that sweet belly button too.

#2) That nice warm aqua blue water looks mighty refreshing. By the looks of that young man, he's appreciating it:)

#3) Scott at work, no not the one at his computer. The one on his knees (the infamous cocksucker) he's going to all the dudes that have to work at home!!

#4) Hey cutie let me push you back on the bed, and we can go a round or two:)

#5) I could use a hairy tattooed big boy today:)

#6) Wow, nice ample cheeks to grab on to!!

#7) Don't you worry handsome long haired pitted dude. I'll be over, as soon as I'm done with #3, and I'll sniff and lick those manly pits of yours.

#8) This dude puts some serious time in at the gym. What a powerful chest and arms.

#9) I know, I know, many people are staying in lately. But I'm healthy and if your healthy, and if you take your hands away, I'm come and give you a fine BJ, deal?

#10) Sweaty hot man sex, with hot sauce landing everywhere!!

Thanks Koba

bignate said...

#2 is packing!