Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tuesday ramifications...


Hot guys said...

That GIF, tho...

Daddy's putting it in, alright! xD

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific Tuesday Ramifications here today Koba!!

Well, did some shovel this morning, I do believe we got the 6-9 inches they predicated here in Central MA. It was a heavy wet snow, so I did get a workout in. Then I hit my meeting, and NOW to look and comment on this great post.

#1) What traps!! What shoulders!! What a powerful chest, and perky nips. My oh my:)

#2) If I lived across the street from this car washer, I would be taking a gander out my window. Awesome man legs attached to those flip flops.

#3) Your a better man than me taking that fine cock up your "pucker"!!

#4) If he's in a sauna, can you imagine the funky masculine scents coming from his hairy spots.:)

#5) Oh all you cuties, can I borrow the beefy lad (the one behind the one with the red bandanna) for about a half hour? I promise I'll bring him back with a smile on his face!!

#6 I shall caption this pic " Well I guess I'm more hungry for his cock than I'm thirsty for a nice cold pitcher of water."

#7) Oh do I ever want to join the boys in some fun. That water looks so refreshing. I do love to swim in a nice clean river or lake.

#8) Houston we have successfully hooked-up to the lunar module!!

#9) Pin me down with your strong hairy body, and have you way with me big boy!!

#10) This beefy boy getting plowed and just "nutted" is right up my alley:) Woof!!

Thanks Koba