Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Tuesday Ramifications


Hot guys said...

Nice photo megapost, Koba. As usual. You don't disappoint.

I like all of the pictures except for the Alex Pettyfer one (bad Photoshop alert, too!) and the hairy animal.

bignate said...

Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Terrific Tuesday Ramifications here today Koba!!

#1) Oh big boy, let me check that fine cock of yours. I'm sure with a hot, wet mouth on it, I can really get it "up" for you. Buddy loving your big shoulders and arms!!

#2) Handsome you don't need his approval, he is MORE that ready!! Your going to be one lucky bastard when you get that thick cock in your mouth.

#3) Oh I want to participate by licking their balls as he's enjoy's the hobby horse ride.

#4) Happy St. Patrick Day, Paddy Cakes. MY my, never noticed you had such a hairy taint!! Sweet mercy me!!

#5) Oh big boy, I'm horny and my gym is closed, Come over and sink your "yellow submarine" in my mouth. What beautiful balls you have.

#6) Don't know why seeing the head of big boy's cock, hanging in his sweats is turning me on more. I can just imagine staring right at that package, if I was walking in the opposite direction or I saw him in the supermarket. I think I would go down different aisles to go down just to keep looking at his hanging meat, hoping he wouldn't catch on to my devious behavior. WOW! Wonderful! Whoa!!!

#7) What a little cutie!!:)

#8) Those lucky stuff animals!! Heck I would love to cuddle up with this hairy fun loving dude. I'd certainly stay warm on a chilly winters day (still officially winter here in New England on this St. Patrick's Paddy's day!!

#9) Yummy, red hot balls:)

#10) Would love to get a taste of that drop of honey:)

Thanks Koba

Unknown said...

1,2 4, and 8. Each singularly or, all at once. 8 repeatedly, all the fur. ❤💓💖💞💗