Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tuesday Ramifications...


Hot guys said...

First pic's practically legendary by now and is it weird that I know who's in the 2nd one? xD

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow Terrific Tuesday Ramifications Koba!!

#1) I'm a bad boy, I want to be a voyeur in this manly car action. But I could be doing them a favor by being the "lookout guy"!!

#2) Oh show off, come into me bed sans the underwear!!

#3) I do like me some swimmers, show that fine bush to your buddies and all the spectators young men.

#4) I hope he takes the cuffs off, after you swallow his load!!

#5) Young men, if we didn't have to do the "social distance" thing I would so come over and blow both of you!!

#6) Oh my I'm totally enjoy looking at different kinds of tats that guys like. But I'm totally amazed at your "beautiful basket".

#7) Believe you me, big boy, I'm been trying to get over to grab those ample butt cheeks of yours.

#8) Very nice body young man, and what a beautiful "treasure trail"!!

#9) Ah, a manly man to keep you warm on a chilly night:)

#10) Wow, you needed to get that goo out.. Good boy!!

Thanks Koba