Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Happy Hump Day!


Hot guys said...

Oh Koba, I see what you did there! ^.^

Saved the best for the first AND last. Nice shots, seriously! Also, that bottom in the 3rd photo reminds me of singer Prince. Maybe I'm alone on that.

See ya! ;)

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

We will certainly get over this Hump Day with this great post Koba.

#1) Sign this young man up to the majors, that is one hell of a bat!!

#2) Yes wait for me, before you take your tubby. That certainly looks like on thick rubber ducky you have in your Calvins, that I would love to play with.

#3) I know it's a wonder to bestow, but young man, get on the beautiful cock. You lucky bastard!!

#4) THE SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS!! That a boy, if he's clean get your tongue right up his musky hole.

#5) Kiss him already!!! Ah so sweet

#6) Com-on you can do it, I'm rooting for ya!!

#7) If I saw someone with pits like this at the gym, I think I would literally would have to cut my workout short, and go in the locker room and "catch my nut"!! Those are some really great pits!! Oh and the dude is handsome to boot.

#8) Now those are some "eggs" Woof!!

#9) Looks like someone is enjoying his magazine:)

#10) Wouldn't mind seeing this otter, morning, noon, or night:)

#11) After I lick your sweet nectar off that great cock of yours, I'm going for your toes.

Thanks Koba

Koba said...

Thanks, guys! And I totally agree with you Scott about the pits on No. 7. Wow!