Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Happy Hump Day!


bignate said...

I should invite these guys to the party ...

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

#1) Hey handsome, what nice eyes you have:)

#2) Would you mind, while you try to stick your cock in his tight hole, I give your loose balls a licking???

#3) Oh I think these two studs are going to get along just fine.

#4) Hey wait for me cutie, I'll take a jog into the dunes with ya!!

#5) Ok, OK handsome, I don't mind starting from your toes to your head. Wow, you have one beautiful thick cock and fat nut sack:) I'd love to spend the whole hump day with you!!

#6) Ah, us cocksuckers are everywhere, enjoy my friend.

#7) I've been known, to take a whiff of my own sweaty pit, after my workout.

#8) Keep tweaking, his enjoying it!!

#9) Wow, hairy handsome, I'd love to taste your sweet nectar:)

#10) Yes indeed young man, after that nut, you can relax now.

Thanks Koba

Hot guys said...

First one's such a stunner, wow!

Dreamy too, actually ^.^

Bruce Jensen said...

Alright, who put the Go-pro camera in our house? Photo 8 is exactly how Hump Day started at our house. A few nipple tweaks and I am putty in his hands.