Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Happy Hump Day!


Hot guys said...

I've actually seen the stud from the 1st pic, Koba.

He's a gorgeous and manly daddy! ^.^

OdMG said...

Lucky boy.

Butch 57 said...

enjoyec the hotties

Bruce Jensen said...

So many men I'd be happy to hump.😈😈
THEN I'd be happy to be humped by them.

Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

Wow, Happy Hump Day indeed, great job Koba!!

#1) Oh you lucky dude, Hot guys @ 8:34 AM. I'm glad he has his head down, because if I was coming in the opposite direction he wouldn't see me staring at that BIG boy body of his. Also love to be just watching that mushroom cock head bouncing to the right and left as he walks. Then I'd find a way to let him in front of me, so I could get a gander of, what I can just imagine, would be a fine "rump roast"!!! Woof!!

#2) Hey smiling cutie, whoever you sending your pic to, I hope he appreciates that glorious "treasure trail" of yours that leads to your nice loose "golden nuggets"!!

#3) Another raw day here in Massachusetts. I could use a good "teabagging" by a set of hairy "nuts" Heck I might even sneak my tongue up your hairy hole:)

#4) Oh there's one of my favorite cuties. Hey young man, when my gym opens again, would you like to join.

#5) Since you "up" buddy boy, I would be up to get in that cozy bed of yours and take care of it for ya!!

#6) F--k looking down at this beefy boy, I want to sneak up from behind him and get my tongue in his beefy butt". Man those are some awesome man legs. Oh and for all those that can see me, enjoy the show, because I'm going to let him have his way with me, once he get's his shirt off. LOL...

#7) I love rubbing my cock against another cock friendly guy. Then both cumming at the same time. Oh it's a sticky mess indeed. But many things that feel and taste good are messy.

#8) Hey handsome keep that boner, I'll meet you in the summertime, when I'm on vaction.

#9) Big guy, if that's an invitation to get at your pit, I more than happy to be invited, and if there is anything else you would like just ask!! Woof

#10) Well Mr, Handsome Bear, you cranked out a good one. Now grab your cum rag, wipe up, and take a long deserved nap!!

Thanks Koba