Thursday, March 12, 2020

Thursday Hotness!


bignate said...

If I could turn back time I'd celebrate Hump Day with #6

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Scott from Massachusetts said...

WOW!!! Thursday Hotness is right Koba!!!

#1) Oh buddy boy, I'm just going to pull your underwear down just a little bit more. When I get on my knees and get at that beautiful piece of meat of yours, it will indeed include your BALLS!!!

#2) Anywhere, anytime, you need servicing big boy, give me a ring. That patch of tummy fur is very nice.

#3) Indeed young man, he's very satisfied with the job your doing. Though, don't neglect his balls.

#4) Looks clean to me, so I'm going in with my TONGUE:)

#5) Hell ya, I'd follow that awesome "treasure trail" right down to your cock and the golden nuggets.

#6) Oh young man you do indeed have nice abs. But as I was getting to write my comment, a commercial came on TV and said something like "we got the meat". So that's what I'm going with, DUDE, you have the "packed meat"!!

#7) Jake is a very friendly guy. A gentleman all the time.

#8) Wow, young man, very, very nice "puppies"!!

#9) My favorite the "medium thickie". They indeed can pack a wallop:)

#10) Now, that is indeed one way to make your own "protein shake"!!

Thanks Koba