Saturday, September 26, 2015



Queer Heaven said...

Happy, happy fuckin's Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Oh yes indeed some very nice Weekenders indeed, great job Koba!!

#1) Sweet, two long legged hairy dudes sharing a bed:):)

#2) Wow, some very nice dark meat:):):)

#3) Oh young man, with the nice eyes, don't be looking at us, get on that man-meat:):)

#4) Woof, hey I'm not shy, let me feel those muscles, sniff those pits, and take care of that stiff cock of yours:)

#5) Hey cutie, nice nips, beautiful "treasure trail", nice uncut cock, and dude, you have great man-legs:):)

#6) Ginger, you have a great body:):)

#7) Ah, let me bury my nose in that pouch:):)

#8) Boys, after you take your piss, can I drain those fat balls of yours:):)

#9) I LOVE SUCKING COCK.. I hope to be doing with that "cocksucker" is doing, very shortly.. I mean after all it's Saturday night:):)

#10) And boys and boys, that's what makes it so worthwhile.. his "seed":):)

Thanks Koba

Axiom2001 said...

I'm ready to entertain and receive #s 2---3---4---6---and---9! Let the play begin!