Monday, September 28, 2015

Back to the grind...


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Koba, one Great, Back to the grind post!!

#1) I do love me a hairy hunky dude in the showers with a nice thick cock:):)

#2) What is it about the men's locker room, that makes me shoot my "pudding"??? OH yes, now I remember... lots of HOT, Hairy, SWEATY, SMELLING NAKED MEN:):):)

#3) Nice.. two handsome rugged jocks... that trainer might be tendering to the jocks hand, but maybe he's checking his package to.. I know I would be:):)

#4) Sweet, two half quarter moons, I'll take it:):):) Maybe before the night is over, there be two FULL MOONS:)

#5) Woof, handsome, well dressed man, I come take care of the problem that just suddenly, popped "up":):)

#6) LUCY BASTARD... need I say more?:):):)

#7) Wow, I'll stick a few one dollars bills in that hunky fireman's pouch:):) and If I could get a whiff of those hairy pits, he gets much more:):)

#8) Now that's a "jawbreaker"...SWEET:):) I do like a thick piece of man-meat:):)

#9) Wow. lets go behind those pallets, and I'll suck you off big time:):) Beautiful tummy fur:):)

#10) Absolutely love this little gem:):) A kiss, a stroke of the cock, what a little tease:):) Very hot...

Thanks Koba.. Great job

hot guy with abs said...

Who's the dude on the right in the last photo?! :)
I desperately need him. Seems manly.

simon santoso said...