Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Happy Hump Day!


Fit Studs said...

So much fun, huh? It surely looks like it. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wonderful Wednesday post Koba!!

#1) That's right, grab on to those beefy cheeks and enjoy the ride:)

#2) Sweet a couple of beach "bums":):)

#3) That beefy dude has one nice thick cock. That cocksucker will enjoy that meal:)

#4) Don't worry Big Boy, I'll come and take care of that cock for you:)

#5) Hell, grab on to that BANANA:):)

#6) Heck, I wouldn't mind getting into that hairy legged dude's pants either:)

#7) F--k ya, a funky hairy pit, always gives me a boner to:)

#8) Ah, the boys sharing a feast:)

#19) Wow jock dude, is celebrating his Victory with his "toy":)

#10) LOL... yup that bottom ASKED his Bro to push his "button":)

Thanks Koba