Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday RamiFUCKations!

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Scott said...

Great Tuesday connections Koba!!

#1) That bottom better be enjoying, he still has a long ways to go:):)

#2) OH yes young man, you doing fine, push into that tight "pucker":)

#3) SWEET... reel that jock in, and ram that cock in his tight hole:)

#4) OH yeah, sweaty balls, tight asses, and 3 cocks, the boys are getting the deed done:)

#5) You got it guys, throw a couple of pillow down, and go at it:):)

#6) Yup, bottom bitch, being taken care of by the BIG GUY:) I do like a beefy boy:)

#7) That's the ticket, men in heat, acting like dogs:):)

#8) Wow, that mushroom head, got the job done, BUTT good:):)

#9) OH yeah, that bottom wants to check out his "buttered" butt:)

Thanks Koba