Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labour Day!


Axiom2001 said...

On this Labor Day in the US...

#1 I'm eagerly on my knees!

#2 I know what he's asking! Yeah!

#3 ...nice n ready!

#4 What a friggn'-- delicious treat!

#9 I like mine huge but my mouth and tongue could make "that" one grow!

#10 I want to be on my knees, too, to share those three huge poles and their spunk!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Thanks for the Labor of love post Koba!!!!

#1) I think this young man's cock wants to dark a going west due west:)

#2) Ah the boys of Summer, I think a possible 3-way is in the making, on this very warm Labor day:):):0

#3) Oh young man, you sporting a fine boner, buddy:)

#4) Wow, lucky "cocksucker", look at that size of that head on that thick cock:):)

#5) Nice way, to spend a relaxing Labor Day, totally bare naked:)

#6) OH buddy boy, you can show-off for me anytime:)

#7) Wow a beautiful refreshing scenic picture. The boys are keeping nice and cool:)

#8) Oh isn't that a sweet little nip, can I taste it, and heck since you have your cock out, I'll sample that to:):)

#9) Oh handsome young man, STOP the MANSCAPING:( My apologies if your just naturally smooth in those "manly" regions, did not mean any disrespect.

#10) Nothing like a good Bukake:):):) hot creamy cum, on a hot day:):)

Thanks Koba