Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday Hotness!

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Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Wow, this post is right up by alley Koba, with all these Beefy dudes and their "HOT SAUSAGES"!!!!

#1) Hot body, to go with that thick piece of prime man-meat. If he just moves just a little backward that hanging salami will spring forward:)

#2) F--k if I was at that Gh, that thick uncut cock, would be well "taken care of":):):)

#3) Woof, Woof, Woof, literally I would do him from head to toe:):)

#4) Heck I would hide behind a big hunky guy like that to, if I was trying to hide:)

#5) Man, I want to be naked and play "roughhouse" with these boys:):)

#6) OH yes indeed, Leo, is getting his thick piece of meat, well taken care of:):)

#7) Isn't that just one beautiful hairy chest, and man look at that hairy ass crack... Yummy:):):)

#8) Sweet nectar of the gods:)

#9) Handsome dude, GREAT SMILE, and nips that need to be nibbled on:)

#10) Wow, he cranked out enough "boy batter" to frost a cake:):)

Thanks Koba:)