Friday, September 25, 2015

Thank God it's Friday!

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Scott said...

Fantastic Friday post Koba!!!

#1) Wow, would not mind one bit, seeing this hunky tattooed dude in the showers:) then bring him home and really inspect his "artwork":)

#2) Oh my, I think he's going to be led into the dungeon.

#3) Hell ya, big boy, spread those hairy legs:)

#4) Thick cock, fat balls, that's one lucky "cocksucker":)

#5) Wow, someone made a fine sticky "mess":)

#6) Hi, Ginger snap, how about you let me, snap your carrot:)

#7) Hey big boy, even a stiff wind, could not make that thick sniff cock of yours sway:)

#8) Don't move, I'll be right over "straightie" to fell those big "guns" of yours, and sniff you hairy pitt:)

#9) Wow, that dude must be in heaven, finer in his bung-hole, and a warm mouth on his cock:)

#10) Oh my, I think someone hit his button real nice, to make him spurt like that:)

Thanks Koba