Saturday, September 12, 2015

Weekend Warriors!

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Scott said...

Wow some awesome Weekend Warriors Koba!!

#1) Heck ya, work your way down that hairy trail, to the GOLD MINE:)

#2) Wow, now this dude has the goods:) Nice guns, pits, nips, and basket:):)

#3) Oh my things are looking "up" for this ginger:)

#4) OH man, don't water down that nice CREAM:):)

#5) Ah, let me in that hairy pit:):):)

#6) Nice Big Yellow mushroom head:):):)

#7) Woof, let me kiss all you boo-boo's and make you feel better:)

#8) Boys will be boys:)

#9) Oh my, I love to be close up, taking in the smells:)

#10) That a nice mess you made Big Boy:)

Thanks Koba