Saturday, September 27, 2014


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Scott said...

#1) I mean what more does a dude need on a lazy Saturday afternoon:)

#2) Young man, keep those hairy pits up and those hairy legs spread, I'm about to get really Funky with you:)

#3) Daddy's a very lucky man:) OR the boys are two lucky dudes:)

#4) Mr Bear, looks like he just got up, and that's either a piss boner, or morning wood. Either way, I want to really wake him up, by taking care of his manly urges:) Hope he likes men because I really like him.

#5) Bro, I know the tub isn't big enough for the both of us, but let me kneel on the side, and wash your back for ya:)

#6) Hell, I have to get my head between some hunky hairy legs, and suck some cock today:) LUCKY BASTARD!!!

#7) I LOVE watching boys at play, especially when they just have their underwear on, Never know what it might lead to:)

#8) Hell this dude is HOT.. (now this is my fantasy) Well he's watching the women next door, I want to blow a nut out of him:) When "straighties" are horny most don't care who goes down on their hogger:) AS LONG AS HE MAKES IT PERFECTLY CARE, HE CANT RETURN THE FAVOR...Lol...hell I let them say it anyways, as long as they give me their meat:)

#9) Someone is NOT getting a ticket today..:):)

#10) Some days, rimming a musky hairy "pucker" is right up there with sucking a medium thick cock:):)

Nice post Koba, Thanks..