Friday, September 26, 2014

Thank God it's Friday!


Stan said...

I want to join that gym in the 4th pic.
Or settle for sitting next to that dude on the bus in #2!

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

#1) Oh handsome, take that T off, you have a great chest and abs.. then let me join you in the showers:)

#2) Show-off!!! and you have every reason to be:):)

#3) Boys, after you take your piss, how about turning around, and let me suck a nut out of each and everyone of you.

#4)Ah, discreet head at the gym, SWEET.. though I would find a quite corner in the locker room:)

#5) Dudes, enlarge the pic, this dude has beautiful eyes and rather good looking. Oh, and yes I did notice some meat poking out:)

#6) Koba have I told you lately I love you...LOl... Now those are some deep dark hairy pits:):):):)

#7) Young and hung:):) My how they keep those six-pack abs. Love to have been watching this event:)

#8) UMMMMM, think someone's "button" has just been "poked":)

#9) "Holy camera shy Batman, I never knew someday, I would make Koba's post"

#10) Holy spurts of man-goo, that dude is going to have one mess to clean up, but It was well worth it:):)

Thanks Koba