Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ass Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Nice, real nice "ASS WEDNESDAY" Koba:)

#1) Love this dudes nice smooth beefy white ass with a hairy crack. Love those hairy thick legs. Love to see someone bending over like that today at the gym:)

#2,3) Young man with legs spread and fingering his "pucker".. SWEET. Love to lick his toes while he's "playing with his man-pussy:)

#4) I certainly would spread those cheeks and dive into those hairy mounds, and find that hairy hole:)


#6) Hey buddy you grab one cheek, I'm grab the other, and then we both can tongue his hopefully hairy crack.

#7) Don't you worry buddy, I'm right BEHIND you. Now let's get down to business:)

#8) Wow... A Hairy hole, a medium thickie with fat balls, Let me at him:):)

#9) Lucky Bastard!!! A hand on a hairy beefy cheek, and a finger in a nice warm hole.. Now that he's nice and ready, go in with your tongue. What a beautiful ass:)

#10) Nice position, easy aSScess to the "pucker", cock, and balls:):)

Thank Koba

Anonymous said...


I'd like to dine on that huge, black log and those sizzling tea bags of #10 and eat out the asses of #s 2---3---6---&---7!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Holy Bottoms Batman, I think he found his Button"