Friday, September 19, 2014

Thank God it's Friday!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Hot post Koba:)

#1) Now boys and boys, that's what a "gang", "communal", shower is all about:) You find them mostly in mens's gym locker rooms. It makes, hitting the gym so much easier:):) Gays, Straights, Bi's, you never know who's cock or ass, ( or whatever body part does it for you) your discreetly checking out:)

#2) Oh my, hey Mr, hairy, give me some, I need more on my legs:)

#3) LMAO: hey he has the nips for it:)

#4) Hey buddy boy, Um, what you pakcing:)

#5) I would love to be a spectator at this event, love to see his nice booty:)

#6) Oh what a cutie. Nice legs, nice little pointy nips, and a sweaty pit, I would like to get into after this sporting event:)

#7) Oh yes, it's Friday, get some cock in your mouth:)

#8) GET ON TOP OF ME AND FUCK ME HARD:) ( I only spell the bad F word out when I can't help it) WOOF, WOOF:):) Love to see what his hairy ass looks like:)

#9) He's getting a fine drink from a hunky dude:)

#10) That's what liking men is all about. Sucking cock and swallowing his nut:) Love to get on this dudes balls:)

Thanks Koba:) Now I have to get ready for my date tonight with dude #8.. I know, it still early but I want to look great for him.

karl said...

Who is that GORGEOUS man in 8?
Looks like a rugby player, I love him!

Anonymous said...

Brad said...

What a meal, the last dude is having in the last pic. Very hot.

Anonymous said...

Holy Creamed Cock Batman, I know what I'm having for lunch today.

Last pic