Friday, September 12, 2014

Thank God it's Friday!


Ray's Cowboy said...

5 and the last one for me. I want those HOT Men.


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Nice post Koba:)

#1) OH my, nice pic to start. Big boy with a nice chest, arms, legs. Showing a nice hairy pit, tummy fur, and love those hairy legs:) Oh and his cock and fat balls, isn't bad either:):)

#2) Love it, boys having a great time, at some kind of "crazy" themed party:)

#3) Oh buddy, I'm with you. That is part of the plan for me this Friday. To get cock in my mouth:)

#4) Woof, Woof, Woof, and Woof, Four beefy fun-loving studs. Like that "medium thickie" cock with the fat nuts on the middle dude:):):):)

#5) OH Colby, you look great in those long johns, and like seeing the outline of your "johnson":):)

#6) These handsome guys know they have a hold on something nice:) WOOF, for the buddy with the cap on:) Nice body, with hair in all the right places.

#7) Clean bathtub fun:) maybe someday I'll try it. I mean I do like to suck cock, and I guess it would be nice to have a nice warm liquid squirting at you. Hell I don't complain when when spurts of cum is flying all over my face and chest:)

#8) What a handsome young man. Man would I kill for a stomach like that. But that's not going to happen. Hell I woofed down a whole large plain pizza, watching the game last night.

#9) Nice hairy dude, with an equally very nice stiff cock:)

Thanks Koba

uncle barry said...

# 1 & #4 for Me, please! All at the same time