Saturday, September 20, 2014

Weekend Warriors!


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

#1) Wow nice military booty:) I wonder if his bunk mate appreciates the view!! I mean not everybody pants like me, when they see a man's ass:)

#2) What a fine tall looking jock with a sporting boner,(he probably doesn't even notice it). If you enlarge the pic, I think the dude sitting on the floor, is enjoying the back side:)

#3) Hey straight boy, stop looking, if you want some head,(and by the looks of it, you need it) just come over, and when I'm done with this dude, I'll do you:):)

#4) OH yeah, gym time in a few hours:), hopefully I'll be doing some cocksucking:)

#5) OH my, there's cases of beer in the background, but this dude would rather have warm piss, Oh well whatever your "cup of tea is:)

#6) OH yeah, this dude does some running, to get a fine looking ass cheeks like that:):)

#7) OK, OK, Koba, I get it, boy do I get it, I have to hit the gym today. Nice piece of rope on that young man:):)

#8) SWEET.. nice chest, arms, big thighs, and a medium cock with a nice set of balls:):) I would spread my ass cheeks for him:)

#9) Love to be in that ski lodge with this hunky manly man.. Long John's always give me a chub, especially with this dude wearing them. Nice big feet to. Did I mentioned, I have a raging hard-on right now..LOL.. but true:):):)

#10) Ah a true Champ, he loves that "facial" he's getting:)

Thanks Koba

Koba said...

Thanks Scott! Have fun at the gym!

Anonymous said...

AXIOM2001 said....

This weekend I'll be spending lots of time with #4 [sucking that big bone and having him fully deflower my once virgin ass and spanking that hot ass [with flat, open hand] of #6!!!! WHOA! WHOA!