Monday, September 15, 2014

Back to the grind...


Anonymous said...

Scott said...

Great post Koba:

#1) Nice body, interesting tats, and a Great hanging piece of meat. Hope I see him in the gym showers today:)

#2) OH my "Straight" boy has a boner in the locker room. I love it. Maybe he goes both ways:):):)

#3) Buddy if your waiting for head before you get fully dressed, I can be there in about 10 mins:)

#4) That goodlooking dude is going to enjoy a good meal. That is one nice looking cock and balls, nice body that it's attached to:):)

#5) Hey you cutie with the nice smile, how about letting me in between those great hairy legs of yours, and getting at what looks like a fine cock:):)

#6) Now that's what I call a real "business" meeting:)

#7) Nice looking jock, love that little "treasure trail.":)

#8) Oh yeah, there we go, a true "cocksucker" those lips are wrapped around that mushroom head:)

#9) Oh, let me at this man. Hairy big boy dude, with a nice veiny uncut cock:):)

#10) Nice, the dude in glasses taking a much needed break. Once he nuts he be able to think straight again:)

Thanks Koba

Anonymous said...

"Holy Hairy Hunk Hotness Batman, I"m Hungry for His Hot cock"


uncle barry said...

#4 Move over and Share :-0
#5 #85 get ready for a #69 better yet let's do a #68-You do Me and I'll owe you one;-> ♡

Anonymous said...

I like how you do your math uncle barry!!!!